London eye surgery prices

Working out the cost of laser eye surgery is an important consideration. Any type of surgery is something that should not be discounted or chosen because the price is cheaper compared to another clinic. What should be considered is the experience of the eye surgeon, the results and of course testimonials from patients.

Mr Mearza believes that when undergoing any kind of surgery the patient’s safety is paramount. At the initial consultation, following a detailed set of diagnostic tests and investigations, the patient can be assured that they will receive the best possible advice on whether laser eye surgery or any other form of eye surgery is possible and what the best treatment would be.

Vision Correction London patient researching laser eye surgery prices

Vision Correction London fees

New Patient Consultation


Laser eye surgery consultation (including all diagnostic tests)


Second Opinion After Previous Surgery


Follow Up Consultation


Common Procedures

Laser Eye Surgery

£2000 – £2500 per eye*

Refractive Lens Exchange / Cataract Surgery (Monofocal Lenses)

£2750 per eye

Refractive Lens Exchange / Cataract Surgery (Multifocal or Trifocal Lenses)

£3500 per eye

ICL Surgery

£3500 per eye

Corneal Collagen Crosslinking

£1800 per eye

Corneal Transplantation

£8000 – £10000 per eye**

YAG Laser

£500 Unilateral
(One eye)
£700 Bilateral
(Two eyes)

*depending on complexity of prescription
** depending on type of transplant

Prices include facility fee and surgeon fee. If you require an anaesthetist this will be charged at cost price. Please ask one of our admin team for current prices.

Understanding London Eye Surgery Prices

For laser eye surgery the price of your treatment will depend on the complexity of your prescription. For example if your prescription is -1.50 with minimal astigmatism, the price would be £1500 per eye, whereas if your prescription is -7.00 with 4 diopters of astigmatism then the price would be up to £2500 per eye.

All our laser eye surgery treatments include wavefront as standard whereas a number of other clinics charge extra for this. Using wavefront technology modifies the eyes’ optical system to make sure you get the clearest vision possible from your treatment. We believe that every patient should have the ‘gold standard’ treatment available and therefore only offer the best to all of our patients.

At Vision Correction London we believe no compromise should be made where eye surgery is concerned. Our consultation process ensures that each and every patient is treated as an individual – this means that our scanning, diagnostic and screening process is tailored specifically to a patient’s unique requirements. This takes time. We do not provide group consultations or scanning and our entire process is designed to get the optimum result from surgery for our patients.

When considering the cost of laser eye surgery also examine whether the price you see quoted is for both eyes or per eye. We try to be as transparent as possible with regards to our fees as you can see above in our pricing tables. If you have any questions regarding laser eye surgery costs then please get in touch. Remember we do also offer interest free credit for all of our eye surgery procedures which many people choose to help spread the cost.

Paying for your eye surgery

We want to make paying for your treatment as easy as possible so we have a variety of options for making a payment so you can decide which best suits you. We accept all major credit and debit cards in person or over the phone using our online portal with World pay. If you prefer, you can pay by bank transfer direct into our account or pay in cash. Our admin team can help answer any questions.

Interest Free Credit

Interest Free Credit

We are partnered with Omni Capital and can offer finance for all of our eye surgery procedures. Our affordable finance can make it easier to spread the cost of surgery over a number of months if required.

A minimum 10% deposit is required and the balance is split over your chosen monthly period of either 6,10 or 12 months at a rate of 0% APR.*

Interest bearing credit options over longer periods are available on request.

With the use of market-leading technology all information is captured quickly, easily and signed electronically with ‘eSignature’ for a seamless transaction from start to finish.

*Credit is subject to status

Insured Patients

Insured Patients

At Vision Correction London, we try to bill within the cover that insurance companies provide. There are certain things which Insurance companies do not cover and hence there may be an excess to pay for example if you are having multifocal lenses.

Prices can vary from year to year keeping in line with inflation and cost pressures but we try and remain as fair and as competitive as possible.