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Popular questions

How do I choose the best surgeon?

Since 1990 when laser eye surgery was first carried out in the UK the technology behind it has advanced dramatically to make it more effective, safer and more affordable. There are a large number of laser eye surgeons and clinics throughout the country and it is important that you find the right one for you.

Does laser eye surgery hurt?

When you think of laser eye surgery do you think of needles poking through your eye and laser beams burning holes through it? Don’t worry, because this could not be further from the truth. Laser eye surgery does not involve any needles and there will definitely be no burning involved as the laser beam is actually cold.

Will I be able to see straight away after laser eye surgery?

When you think of good eyesight 20/20 vision comes to everyone’s mind as the renowned standard of visual acuity. Having 20/20 vision means you can see at a distance of 20 feet what ‘normal-sighted’ people can see from the same distance. As a comparison if you are told you have 20/100 vision this means you can see at a distance of 20 feet what a ‘normal-sighted’ person should see at a 100 feet from the chart which in turn means poor vision.

Recent questions

I’ve got blepharitis can I have laser eye surgery?

Blepharitis Blepharitis is the name given to the inflammation of the edges of the eyelid. It is quite common and is not usually a serious condition. It is not contagious; most people who develop it do so as a reaction to natural bacteria on the skin. How do I know I...

I’ve got conjunctivitis can I have laser eye surgery?

Conjunctivitis Conjunctivitis is also known as red eye or pink eye. People suffering with it experience itchiness and watering of the eye as well as redness. It usually clears up without any treatment, but depending on the cause, it can be treated using...

I’m not tolerating my contact lenses can I have laser eye surgery?

Contact lens intolerance (CLI) Most people who wear contact lenses experience a degree of intolerance to them once in a while, and find them uncomfortable to wear. However, if the situation becomes serious, it’s time to look at exactly how you’re using your contact...

I suffer with dry eye can I have laser eye surgery?

The medical name for dry eye syndrome is keratoconjunctivitis sicca. This term is used when dryness is in its most severe form. However, most dry eye is mild and extremely common. It occurs when your eye doesn’t make enough tears, or when the tears evaporate too...

When can I swim and exercise after refractive lens exchange surgery?

Most patients are back to their normal routine a couple of days after their refractive lens exchange (RLE) surgery, however we do ask you to spend a short period of time after your operation in a relaxed environment to allow yourself time to adjust to your new vision...